The Certified Decontamination Association (CDA) is a for-profit training organization that was created through collaboration between Mike Rowzée and Michael Leavitt as they identified the huge void in the environmental decontamination and sampling marketplace. Their initial goals were simple, “We wanted to provide the best certification training possible as we teach other environmental professionals how to decontaminate and take lab samples," shared Mike Rowzée.

Looking at the work history resume’s of both Mike Rowzée and Michael Leavitt, you can see that together they bring together all of the life experience needed to make a success of the CDA. Michael Leavitt explained, “The initial idea was to put together two online trainings for the betterment of the environmental decontamination industry. But as we brainstormed and reflected back upon Mike’s military decontamination background and curriculum development, combined with my home inspection and testing background, website interface expertise, and long time presenter and trainer, it was obvious that we needed to think bigger. And from the brainstorming sessions, the Certified Decontamination Association was born.”

MRowzeeMike Rowzée


Michael “Mike” Rowzee learned to test and decontaminate in the U.S. Army where he managed chemical, biological and nuclear weapons defense programs. Mr. Rowzee is a certified decontamination specialist; Utah Certification Number 1205-01. Mr. Rowzee is certified and licensed to use chemicals to kill, treat and prevent mold and other health-related and wood-destroying organisms in homes and other properties; Utah License Number 4001-12176. Mr. Rowzee is certified as a mold inspector by Pro Labs SSPTM, and a Mold Inspector, Mold Damage Assessor and Clandestine Meth Lab Inspector by the Environmental Solutions Association; Certification Number 1672. Mr. Rowzee has personally been involved in the decontamination of about 500 meth-related properties and about 300 other decontaminations for other issues such as mold, bacteria, hantavirus, mercury, tear gas, formaldehyde and ricin.

Mike Rowzée * 3431 Fenchurch Rd. West Jordan, Utah 84084 * mike@methcleanup.com * 801-809-6932

MichaelMichael Leavitt


Since 1995, Michael Leavitt has been inspecting residential and commercial structures in Northern Utah. Michael branched into environmental testing as a way of broadening his resource streams of revenue. Michael has been a trainer and educator within the inspection industry and developed multiple training curriculums. Michael is also a 3D Inspection System trainer and form designer. This has helped him develop specialty forms for services such as Meth Sampling, Radon Testing, Lead Hazard Screens, Water Quality Testing, Moisture Intrusion Evaluations, Residential Thermal Imaging, and even Electrical Outlet Efficiency Testing. Add to these skills those of website development, Michael maintains over 70 domains and has been the webmaster for the American Institute of Inspectors, the Utah Real Estate Inspector’s Guild, the Timpanogos Caving Grotto, and dozens of inspection related websites. Michael’s talents are the perfect complement to Mike Rowzée’s as they relate to the CDA.

Michael Leavitt * 1145 N. Main Street - Orem, Utah 84057 * Michael@TheHomeInspector.com * 801-636-6816



We invite Decontamination Specialists, Environmental Testing Samplers, Home Inspectors, as well as members of all related professions to join the Certified Decontamination Association.


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FOUNDING MEMBER SPECIAL $50 - Members who join prior to March 21, 2014 will receive a $25 discount = $50. The special $50 rate will continue as long as your annual payments are paid on time. If your dues are paid late, then the current renewal rates will apply.






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Welcome to the newly formed Certified Decontamination Association (CDA). CDA is a for-profit educational association. We invite environmental decontaminators and samplers everywhere to join our membership. Once you see what we are about, then we invite you to become a full dues paying member and be able to take advantage of all of our great member benefits.


  • 1) Bring together environmental decontaminators and samples.
  • 2) Provide top-notch certification training to help improve our CDA member’s skills.
  • 3) Provide Standards of Practice for decontamination and sampling.
  • 4) Provide step-by-step protocols for decontamination and sampling.
  • 5) Provide and online forum for questions, answers, and the latest industry news releases.
  • 6) Provide a unique online social network to strengthen our CDA membership.

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